As much as people paid lip service to “digital transformation” and “digital marketing,” the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare just how much of business still runs on face to face interactions. From lead generation to purchase fulfillment to all aspects of customer service and retention, nearly everything must change. But so many companies (maybe yours?) are clinging to the hope that “back to normal” is where you’ll go in a few short weeks (months?)


Until a few months ago, services like DoorDash and GrubHub were a novelty. Now, if your restaurant isn’t subscribed to at least one delivery service, I’ve probably seen the “closed” sign on your doors.

Lincoln, the car company, quickly decided they could easily sell you a car online in a “contactless” way (this is a huge buzzword for the rest of 2020, at least), and even turned in a new slogan to enforce what people need: “The power of sanctuary.”

As more and more people seek to figure out how to operate their medical practice, their law offices, their manufacturing shop, and on and on, one detail is obvious: we have to get more digital. Email marketing must improve. Content creation will keep people aware and alerted to your presence. You’ll need to embrace video even more than your previous baby steps.

And people will want a few specific things:

  • Clarity and Brevity – everyone’s brain is overloaded. Be clear and specific.
  • Personable Warmth – be human. We’re a little “over” perfection.
  • Simple and Packaged – alongside brevity and clarity, make next steps obvious.
  • Frequent Small Touches – it’s easy to feel isolated so keep the pulse alive.


Alongside the marketing and communications considerations, you have to build your business around delivering a strong customer experience. If it’s B2B, this simply means adding the extra steps required to deliver the product or service to the end recipient with the extra steps/departments accounted for. If it’s B2C, the buyer is a one person or at least on family decision.

But both will want to be aware of what you sell, want to know how to evaluate your offering, understand purchasing options, know what happens after the sale, and you’ll want to follow up to earn referrals or retention. Communication will be vital, and more so, rapid and brief communication that carries people through this “at a distance” service.

I mentioned DoorDash earlier. It does this well. You order the product and if you want to receive text message updates, you’ll receive at least five:

  • The restaurant has your order
  • They’re working on your order
  • The driver is picking it up
  • Driver is a few minutes out
  • Your food is here

Is your business that good at communicating the various status updates required to deliver a product to your customer or client?


My work as a business advisor and digital marketing professional of late has centered around helping companies figure out the right story to tell coming out of all this, and talking through the nuances of the new customer journey.

I can help review your business lifecycle, your marketing efforts, specifically your email, content marketing, and other digital touchpoints. And I can help you tune up your communications internally and externally to communicate in useful and clear and fresh language that doesn’t look like a copy/paste of every other company in your customer’s inbox.

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