Recently I shared some thoughts here on Inc. about the necessary ingredients for a job advert, in order for it to be more engaging. But even the most engaging job advert has only one purpose in life, and that’s to convert those engaged readers into applicants.

Running an agency that specializes in employer brand, I know that great candidate experience starts the moment someone sees your job ad and starts to consider applying. Making the ad as engaging as possible will go a good part of the way in helping them decide that they want to apply. What takes the person the rest of the way is an application process that has been well designed, is easy to follow, gives peace of mind, and displays your employer brand.

Here’s some essential ingredients to help make your job ads convert interest readers into eager candidates.

1. Use simple application forms.

Don’t make it harder for your candidates to apply than it needs to be. Place your application form directly within the job page rather than requiring an external download and you’re more likely to get an application submitted. A form that needs downloading, completion, signing, and uploading is only likely to deter applications. No-one has time for that sort of thing, especially not great talent looking to get a flavor of what it might be like to work for you.

2. Use forms that allow CV upload.

An alternative or additional helping hand for your applicants is to give them the ability to upload their CV from your job page. No-one wants to rewrite huge chunks of their resumé on a web page. Better all round to just allow them to upload their CV as an attachment.

Additionally, the use of cloud-based storage is widespread, and it makes sense to make sure that your job application form allows a candidate to attach their CV from a cloud provider. Doing so makes it easier for candidates to manage their CVs across multiple devices.This simple functionality helps conversions.

3. Use large tap targets.

In case you don’t know what I mean here, a tap target is the call to action button or link that you want your user to click or tap on. Tap target size issues can occur when the target button or link is too small, or is too close to other targets. This is particularly the case on mobile, so keep your tap targets large enough to press on smaller screened devices to avoid frustrating your candidates.

4. Use a Security Certificate (SSL).

SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ and is a form of encryption used to increase security and protect privacy on a site. It means your site is running on what is known as HTTPS (the “S” denoting “secure”). Visitors can tell if SSL is enabled on a site by the padlock that shows up next to the site’s URL. this has two benefits. Firstly, it will reassure candidates that your site is secure and trustworthy, and that the personal information that they share will be secure. Secondly, it also has SEO benefits, too. Search engines now take security very seriously and treat trust as one of their “ranking” signals when indexing your site.

So, there we go. Nothing I’ve outlined here is time consuming or complicated, these are all pretty quick wins. Auditing your job ads and making sure these 4 essential ingredients are in the mix will lead to more applications and better hires.

Published on: Jun 21, 2018