A Complete Guide to Understanding Blog Bounce Rate

     Today we discuss your blog or websites bounce rate.  We will begin with what is a “bounce rate”, the difference between a bounce rate and exit rate, and finally after you have a deeper understanding what you can do to reduce bounce rate and give your readers an enjoyable experience while visiting your site.

     Let’s begin by being honest for a moment.  I love writing.  I enjoy watching as a piece of content is created and I know what I am writing will help someone build their business.  What I HATED was the technical side of the business.

I was like feeding a child only wanting to eat (do) what I liked and refused to eat my veggies.  But, I realized if I persisted in this mind set and refused to learn Google Analytics, then like a child refusing to eat what was healthy, my blog would evidently wither and die!

What is Bounce Rate

According to Google, your website (or Blogs) bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors to your website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

In other words, using this page as an example, you are here visiting this page right now.  If you are finish reading this article and leave without visiting ANOTHER PAGE, my bounce rate will increase (thereby hurting my sites SEO).  However, if you found value while reading this article and visit another page on my blog, my bounce rate lowers thereby increasing its SEO and eventually increase its ranking.

Simply put, your bounce rate is a way for Google to know if people are finding value on the issue they searched for on your page.  If your bounce rate remains low, Google rewards your site by ranking it higher in the search engine!  But, if your bounce rate is to high, Google takes notice and will lower your overall ranking.

bounce rate     As a rule of thumb, bounce rate percentages look like this:

  • 25 to 40 percent Bounce Rate – Excellent.
  • 41 to 55 percent – About Average.
  • 56 to 70 percent – Higher than average.
  • 70 percent and Over – Cause for Alarm.  

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

As you see in the image above, this post has an amazingly low bounce rate of only 5.56 percent!  This is EXCELLENT!  And, you will notice the over all bounce rate of all my post combined is only 5%.  Friends, it don’t get no better than that!

However, if you check your Google Analytics and discover your post is receiving a higher bounce rate then you would want, here are 3 tips that can help you out.

Write Compelling Content – Be sure to answer as many of the “W” questions as possible:

  • Why are you writing the post;
  • Who the post is for;
  • What will the reader learn;
  • Where they can find more information on the subject;

Link to Other Post You Have Written – when it is relevant, you should add a link to another blog post you have written.  If you use the Yoast SEO plug-in on your blog, you will notice one factor it takes into effect internal links.   The reason they are offering this advice is it gives the reader another opportunity to visit another relevant page.  So be sure to add one where appropriate.

Improve Your Storytelling – Everyone loves a good story.  In this post for example, I began my story with sharing how getting me to learn SEO was like trying to feed a child vegetables they don’t like.  I didn’t want to do it.

Then, I reassure the reader how simple it was to learn and how easy it would be for them too.

And, in the end, the desired action I want from the reader is to implement the lessons taught here today.


Not all bounce rate from your blog is bad.  The problem is, if to MANY post have a high bounce rate, then your overall sites ranking will be affected.  In Posting on Purpose,  the Legendary Rob Fore defines three purposes of your blog post.

It was this very strategy which after I learned it was able to keep an overall bounce rate of UNDER 6% no matter what industry you are in!  It’s worth checking out.



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