1. Upwork

Upwork has a variety of freelancing projects to choose from on their website, be it design, writing, sales, etc. They state in their How It Works section, “anything that can be done on a computer… can be done on Upwork.” You can choose to tackle projects long or short, ongoing or even a collaborative project. To apply, send a cover letter and link to your Upwork profile (filled in with writing samples, work experience, etc.).

2. 99Designs

If design is your thing, sign up with 99Designs. Their website boasts a variety of design projects to work with, from business, to clothing and much more. This works a bit differently from relying on profiles, Inc. says, because the clients “crowdsource” projects out. They do this by filling out a “brief” that explains what the project is about. Designers then tackle the project by “submitting work based on that brief.” The client chooses the best project and the designer gets paid for it.

3. Freelancer 

This  website offers tons of services but what I like i it also “allows you to compete  your project among freelancers to ensure you get the design you want.” It’s similar to 99Designs that way. If you’re looking for lots of options you will like this site.

4. PeoplePerHour

If your freelancing niche is in SEO, marketing or anywhere in that field, check out PeoplePerHour. You browse for jobs and do work all on the website in your own “WorkStream”, their website’s How It Works section explains.

5. Demand Media

This freelancing site has projects available for writers, but also those into photography, filmmaking, film producing.

6. Freelance Writing Gigs

The website every word-smith should check out to improve their writing career. Their job board lists writing projects of all kinds, from blogging to e-books and anything else you can think of. In addition, they have many resources and tips for writers to check out.

7. Topcoder 

I am in the process of creating an app for my new book and came across Topcoder. According to their site they are the “world’s largest crowdsourcing development, design, and data science platform. Their community gathers the world’s experts in design, development and data science to work on interesting and challenging problems for fun and reward.” I haven’t started the process but it looks like it will be easy to use.

8. LinkedIn ProFinder

I’ve  just started using this site recently to find coaching leads. The jury is still out but if you are a coach and want to find professionals looking for a help this service from LinkedIn looks like it will be very helpful.

9. Project4hire

This is a great site if you need to find coders, consultants, designers and more.

10. Elance

I have enjoyed using Elance for editing projects. they offer way more than that but I use Elance freelancers to edit all of my important work.

If you need to hire a freelancer these sites are a great place to start. If you have another company to add to the list please leave a comment and I’ll check them out

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