Businesses have so much competition. If you drive through a fairly large city or town, you could see new businesses on every corner. Besides the number of new startups in an industry, dentists also have to compete with Fortune 500 companies as well.

With so much competition, it is hard for new entrants to compete. A huge number of companies fail because they didn’t know basic inbound marketing techniques. You have a number of options for success. Each of the choices for marketing your business has its merits. In this article, we’ll expound on one that many companies don’t understand — email marketing.

Email marketing is sadly considered to be dead by many, however if done correctly it can yield up to 4300 percent return on investment. Not just this, it also helps build relationships and can help bring in new patients.

According to an expert in the field of inbound marketing, “Email marketing is better because it gets you in direct touch with your potential clients, giving you a chance to strike a chord and convince them why they should work with you…and when they’ll go happy they’d recommend your services to friends and family.”

Let’s get started. These are ways to make email marketing easy to learn and use.

  1. Know who to email –– With all marketing, if you choose the wrong group, you will fail. It doesn’t matter if you are using direct mail, a retailer sending smart phone coupons or a manufacturer trying e-mail. Let’s say, you want to promote your special on new cleanings for the email campaign. You won’t want a list that features mostly people living in nursing homes. You would want to find those parents who just moved to the area and are looking for a family dentist. Over 90% people that subscribe to a newsletter enjoy reading mails, so make sure you reach people that actually do enjoy the kind of content you have to share.
  2. Use e-mail etiquette — When you are doing an e-mail campaign, you have to use proper email etiquette, or your rate of return will be low. Today, people want a message that isn’t too personal and explains the message in a few sentences. You want to be short to draw in your potential customers, give them the bait, hook them with a link and reel in the new clients. Make your text short and easy to scan through the information. People aren’t going to read the whole e-mail. Some tips include using a subject line longer than 10 characters. As per stats, around 45% people will not open your email if they do not like the subject line enticing.
  3. Use links –– E-mail campaigns are meant to entice people to seek more information via the links you provide. Your goal is to drive traffic to your landing page, product page or website. Without getting people to click on the website link, you won’t get new clients. The way to hook the reader is to add a link any time a customer might want more information. You definitely want your links to appear as links. Also, your calls-to-action should be compelling and strong to make people click.
  4. Don’t use many pictures — These might work on social media and your website, they don’t work in an e-mail campaign. Unlike your social media and direct mail marketing, using pictures with e-mail is challenging. Your prospects might not see the pictures because they have a provider that strips pictures or the patients might not have the capacity to retrieve large files. Therefore, attaching pictures would end up wasting your time and money. Instead of pictures, use well-coded html or a link to a site with pictures. You can send your prospects to your Facebook site to see the pictures of your dental office, for example.
  5. Make unsubscribing easy to see – Many people don’t want all that information in their mailboxes. If they don’t see how to opt-out of the message, they might get frustrated. These are not the potential new customers you want. You want happy clients who will refer you to others. Along these same lines, you don’t want to end up in your prospects’ spam folders. Make sure you avoid being categorized as spam.
  6. Maximize the e-mail dimensions – Just like a printed campaign, such as postcards or door hangers, you have limited space to say what you want to say. Most people will see your email in a preview pane without pictures. You want to use an e-mail template that isn’t more than 600 pixels wide. Within the first 100 pixels, you want to explain your value and one link. While shiny headers look nicer, you will get better results without the graphic. Another trick is to use a second column on the right or left hand.

These are tips that will help you market your company through e-mail. When you incorporate email into your overall marketing strategy, you will see great results and the numbers of customers you have will increase.