That Was Easy: Life Hacks You’ll Be Glad You Heard About

We all know that college is tough, especially with the stress of life on top of hard classes. You deserve to have some things in your life simplified, so here are some life hacks that will help you through your college career.

On hold no more: Have you ever been faced with the daunting task of calling a company where you were put on hold… and stayed on hold forever? Well, wait no more! There is an app called the FastCustomer app, that will call the company for you and wait on hold. Once an actual person picks up, the app will call you and let you know.

Stuffy nose: Stuffy noses really suck, especially when you want to try and get some shut eye and feel like your mouth is going to dry out while your nose causes those awful congested headaches. To get rid of your stuffy nose, take a hot shower. The steam will help clear that baby right up. Salt water also helps, so if you live by the beach, get in the water! And if you like spicy food, that’s a for sure way to get those sinuses cleared up.

Public bathroom shyness: Especially in the beginning, it can be pretty nerve-wracking to take care of business in the dorm bathrooms. If you feel like you’re going to take a while, try and go really early in the morning — that’s when you are the least likely to run into people. If someone does happen to come in, simply lift your feet up so they can’t see your shoes, and wait until they leave. They’ll have no idea who’s in there!

Clogged drain: Is your drain clogged? While Drain-o is awesome, it can be pretty pricey, and is never in the house when you need it. To unclog a drain, all you need is 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar. Clog be gone.

No more dishes: If you’re too lazy to do dishes, use a tortilla as a plate. No dishes? Yes please. The fact that you can actually eat your “plate” is a pretty awesome concept. And tortillas go with a lot of stuff.

Free trials online: Want to get a free trial for something but don’t want to use your credit card — because you know you’ll forget to cancel before the actual paying kicks in or simply don’t have one? Use a Visa gift card! Well I know what I’m doing tonight: hello Hulu.

Oversleeping: Do you oversleep because you are either so passed out to the point where you don’t hear your alarm or you keep hitting snooze? Put your phone in a glass. This will amplify the sound of your alarm and will make it much more difficult to simply reach over and slide the snooze button. And if you manage to somehow sleep through that, I’m sure one of your roommates will graciously throw something at you.

Smelly room: If your room smells bad, attach a dryer sheet to a fan/AC unit and turn it on. It will be smelling fresh in no time. Also have Febreeze handy, or candles that are strong enough to work instantly.

Water balloon fight: Don’t you hate it when you want to have a water balloon fight, and instead of exploding on the person, the stupid balloon just bounces off? To prevent this, blow the balloon up with some air before filling it. This will ensure that it will pop on your target.

Beach hack: Going to the beach and don’t want your valuables to get stolen? Clean out an old lotion bottle and stick your phone, keys, and money in it. Because who would steal lotion? (Well actually…) This will allow you to enjoy your time at the beach without having to have someone stationed at the lookout.

Key identification: Have a bunch of keys on your key ring and can never keep them straight? Paint the backs with nail polish. The colors will help you differentiate the keys, and if you have to return the keys to a landlord or school housing later, you can use nail polish remover to get it looking back to its boring self.

Pancakes 101: Want to make someone breakfast that actually looks presentable? Put pancake mix in a cleaned out ketchup bottle for no mess and perfectly formed pancakes. This is also a great way to save the batter for another day.

No more burnt fingers: Want to light a candle but hate burning your fingers? Light a stick of spaghetti and light the wick with it. Who knew?

Coffee hack: Put coffee in an ice tray, so when you want to make iced coffee it won’t get watered down. Works with tea as well! This is way faster than making the drink and then waiting impatiently while it “cools” in the fridge, since you know you are going to get so impatient that you’ll end up drinking it at that gross luke-warm temperature.

Borrowing: If you are letting a friend borrow something from you, take a picture of them holding it, so you won’t forget who has it! We have so much to think about all the time that it is very easy to forget who has what. This would also be a great way to kindly remind them they have something, by sending the picture to them.

Moving tip: If you’re moving, put heavy things like books into suitcases instead of boxes. This will make it easier to transport, since you can roll the suitcase, and you won’t have to worry about the box ripping and spilling your content everywhere.

Presentation hack: Are you nervous about giving your presentation in class? Find a friend in your class that will ask you a question at the end, one which you will already know the answer to. Make it detailed so you’ll look extra smart, and it will take up time so not many other people will be able to ask you one.

Wi-Fi password: You can get the Wi-Fi password to most establishments if you check the comments on Foursquare. No more guessing for you (because you know you are horrible at that anyway).

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