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Versatile Louvre Panel solving all your Plastic Storage Solutions


Steel Louvre Panels

Our #Steel Louvre Panels are made in Australia  and distributed locally as well as nationwide.

Uniquely roll press punched, then powder coated in a range of three colours Black, Grey and Cream makes our Louvre panels not only structurally, sound but also very affordable.

Designed to accommodate a range of products including the Stor-Pak range, Visi-Pak, Drawer Organisers and many other storage devices which can all be found at, check us out today !

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Quote of the Day


“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Looking for great solutions, plastic storage solutions then visit Aplus Plastic Box Co.

Essential Elements

5 Essential Elements of a Useful Social Media Plan

social media plan

Living inside the bubble of the social media marketing world, it’s easy to forget that many organizations still don’t know how to reconcile #social media into their everyday sales and marketing routine.

I taught the executive team of a very successful organization the basics of social media this past week and it was a great reminder that focusing on tactics without an organized strategy is still the greatest source of frustration for many businesses.

Yes, you eventually must get around to embracing certain tactics and tools specifically related to social media, but the key to determining both still lies in tying your actions to meeting your stated marketing and business objectives.

In order to create the proper context for social media inside this firm’s overall marketing plan I broke social media participation into five core elements and corresponding tools and tactics and mapped each to previously identified marketing objectives.


The first order of business in developing any social media strategy is to understand how to listen and collect useful market artifacts. You have to plug into the rich vein of useful information coming from your customers, prospects, competitors, journalists and other industry influencers before any of this makes much sense.

For this element we set up key alerts, created lists of influential industry players, setupFeedly RSS reader to subscribe to relevant blogs and setup Diigo to bookmark articles and email newsletter content.


The next element I wanted to address was the ability to curate important industry information as a way to inform clients and internal stakeholders. By aggregating and filtering a great deal of the industry content using some routines from the previous step you can become a source of insight for your customers and help them cut through some of the noise.

For this element we turned to RSS reader as well as several content curation tools likeNewsleLinkedIn Pulse and


One of the core marketing strategies for this firm is to establish a thought leader position for a very specific topic in their industry. They are busy turning a great deal of the industry data their analytics software produces into content objects that will draw a great deal of industry buzz.

For this element we established a sharing routine based on a set of core topics, LinkedIn Publisher program and owned content assets.


In order to develop an expanding network in social media sharing must be a key activity. This does include sharing your own content and ideas but it also includes intentionally networking with and sharing content and ideas from others.

For this we turned to Feedly, Buffer and Hootsuite to establish a habit of sharing a set number of pieces everyday.


Finally, with many of the tools and routines above in place we could turn to the most obvious reason to participate in social media – to engage customers and prospects. With habits of listening, curating and sharing established members of the executive team and sales team will be able to more easily engage individual prospects, influencers, journalists and customer stakeholders by socially surrounding them.

For this step Hootsuite, Salesforce and Salesforce Chatter are the primary tools.

And, of course, where available the mobile apps for many of the tools employed were added.

By breaking social media participation into a specific set of core elements, each driven by strategy, every person in an organization can find the role that makes sense for them.

The focus then becomes less about tools and more about how a specific set of activities might help you better serve your customers.

Convenient packaging solutions


New Package Sets of Castor Wheels

The most popular combinations of wheels are now available on our web site for the continued convenience of our customers. This is part of our program to make buying easier for people seeking plastic storage solutions.


#Wheel and Castor package sets now available from Aplus Plastic Box Co.

I know what you’re thinking!


I know what you’re thinking!

Plastic Storage Solutions

I know what you’re thinking, did I buy the cheap imported version or did I buy the 100% Australian Made version.

And you gotta ask yourself – Do I feel lucky?

Well, why not take luck out of the equation and purchase your products from APLUS PLASTIC BOX CO  who sell PRODUCTS THAT LAST. 

With an extensive range of 100% #Australian madeSpare Parts Trays, First Aid Boxes, Tackle Boxes and many more storage designs you’re sure to find a Product that Lasts!


Fill your world with colourful spare Parts Trays


Plastic Storage Solutions

Spare Parts Trays by Aplus Plastic Box Co – Products That Last !

100% #Australian Made, Owned and Distributed by local #Australian business.

Need to organise your workplace or work vehicle?? then why not have a look at these beauties!

The #Spare Parts Tray is made from #polypropylene, is resistant to oils and solvents making this a suitable product in the Aplus Plastic Box Co range.

Five colours are available in Grey, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow to allow colour coding for varying parts and pieces that just need to be stored.

Made to fit most standard steel shelving, various sizes and colours are available from our website

Category: #Spare Parts Trays

Product code1H-012,1H-024, 1H-017, 1H-025, 1H-027, 1H-028

Aplus Plastic Box Co – Products that Last!

New First Aid Box


First Aid Boxes

 Another Great addition to our #First Aid Box / Cabinet range

 The Medium First Aid Box with lift out tray and unique green tint lid.

 Made from an all plastic construction – #Co polymer, clips and handles are made from ABS Plastic, made to withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 80 °C

 These boxes are designed and manufactured in Australia making us proud suppliers to first aid training companies, dental technicians, hospitals and medical facilities nationwide.

 Availability of this particular first aid box also extends to the general public, due to, the strength, durability and affordability of this product makes it ideal for many people in many situations including home, office or workshop.

 Many more of these First Aid Boxes That Last! Can be found on our website

 Category: #First Aid Cabinets / Boxes

Product code #1H-125/137GT

 Aplus Plastic Box Co – Products that Last!