Need new wheels


#Wheels & Castors  – On Sale Now!

Our #Industrial Blue Rubber Wheel range use roller bearings on all wheels, which makes these wheels ideal in terms of cost, size, weight, carrying capacity, durability, accuracy, friction to ensure optimum use for the required job.

 These Industrial wheels have capacities ranging from 130-300kg per wheel, they have a zinc plated corrosion resistant frame, double race head set, with the option of bolt hole or plate.

 If  an inexpensive wheel with sound structural design is what your looking for then

Check out these Castor Wheels from Aplus Plastic Box Co – Products That Last !

 Industrial Blue Rubber Wheels & Castors On sale Now plus free delivery in Australia!


About pboxco

Aplus Plastic Box Co is an organisation dedicated to providing the best possible service in our field. Our reliability and quality of our products make us one of the fastest growing organisations in Australia today. We provide a wide range of plastic and industrial goods that suit a vast range of industries. Our goods are delivered to every corner of Australia, New Zealand and across the world, export is not a problem. Freight cost is kept to an absolute minimum by our innovative packing methods. We are wholesale and retail. If you are looking for volume why not ask our friendly staff for a quote or just email us at: Web:

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