Australian Company Moving Forward

Plastic Storage Solutions

Aplus Plastic Box Co has just announced it will have Free Delivery Australia Wide on its #Wheels and Castors range. Its Wheels and Castors range across a wide variety of sizes, capacities and styles coupled with different compound types for various work surfaces.

Free Delivery on these items represents big cost savings for both companies and private individuals alike. We also offer discounts on bulk deals.

Our Australia Day promotion went well and the ever popular #Green and Gold Kits will continue to be available as a standard but at the usual price. Green and Gold theme as been a feature of promotion in recent times that will continue into the future.

During February 2014 we have an exciting new addition with the launch of our Multi Combination Kits which combine a range of product mounted to a single panel. You can purchase a combination of Stor-Pak bins, Drawer Organisers, Visi-Pak and Three Drawer Stor-Pak 63 units. The Stor-Pak bins and panels are available in various colours.

Customers are able to buy all the components individually if they wish to make up their own unique kits.

Another new product in the range is a Mobile Storage unit which can carry several sizes and colours of storage bins or a range of Pivot Bins in different sizes. These units are now on our web site at and can make a very versatile addition to any Plastic Storage Solution.

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About pboxco

Aplus Plastic Box Co is an organisation dedicated to providing the best possible service in our field. Our reliability and quality of our products make us one of the fastest growing organisations in Australia today. We provide a wide range of plastic and industrial goods that suit a vast range of industries. Our goods are delivered to every corner of Australia, New Zealand and across the world, export is not a problem. Freight cost is kept to an absolute minimum by our innovative packing methods. We are wholesale and retail. If you are looking for volume why not ask our friendly staff for a quote or just email us at: Web:

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